PPC - Pay Per Click Management

Looking for customers that are searching for you? Our PPC (Pay Per Click) service will be for you!

Here at Marketing By Us we work with the most popular search engine, Google, to advertise your business, service or product to people that are searching for your type of business. This works for all types of business, from hotels to e-commerce.

PPC works by advertising on search engines and the display network to customers/potential customers who have entered certain key terms or have visited your website before (remarketing). These people are great potential customers that are likely to buy from you!

Why you need the experts

PPC is something that needs to set-up, maintained and monitored by the experts! This is because you could end up spending up much more money than you need to, our job is for you to get the most possible clicks for your budget, on top of this, we make sure the clicks are of the highest quality – most likely to drive you a new sale!

We spend the time and have the knowledge to be able to do this for you, we have experts that have sat special Google AdWords exams and taken courses to make sure the knowledge is kept up-to-date.

There is a lot to consider, from the keywords you select to the advert content that you write. Have a company looking after this will make your life a lot easier and save you a large amount of time.

Do you really need PPC?

In a nut-shell – yes! But, you need to remember, a PPC campaign is only as good as your websites and sales channel. Get Marketing By Us to look at the whole picture and start maximising the conversion you get online! We are here and waiting to help you as your marketing department!