Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is the new kid on the block when it comes to advertising online. Where Google Adwords and PPC management is good for targeting those via keywords and re-targeting to your site, social advertising is also especially good for pre-targeting!

The thing with social media advertising is that it builds the audience first, and isn't necessarily related to just people typing in keywords. We can use it to predict who will buy your services and/or product and those who may not even realise they need or want it until they see your ad. These are the people that wouldn't be searching for you!

Re-targeting can also be done via social media, as an alternative to sideline to your pay per click campaigns. But pre-targeting is what is special here.

Pre-targeting is done by creating audiences with similar characteristics that your current customers have, or inputting interests that your target market may also be in. For example, if you're selling fancy watches, then those people may also be interested in fancy sunglasses, fancy cars etc.

This works because, in this day and age, everything is put onto social media, you fill out your Facebook profile and post about what is interesting you, like certain pages and so on. This why social media advertising can so effective!

But it can only be effective if you do it right! This is where we come in, we have worked with social media advertising since the beginning and have produced some fantastic returns for our customers from it. Why not ask how we could help you as your social media advertising department below?