Twitter Walls

Having a Twitter Wall may be the best thing you do, for your event or business. It’s a proven way to get much better interaction socially, with people posting up good news, comments and pictures about you.

This works because people want to see their tweet up on a screen – it’s simple! We know this works because of our experience.

Marketing By Us has worked with a number of events, across the globe, installing, maintaining and running Twitter Walls, as well as installing them permanently on a screen in venues, including bars, hotels and receptions.

There have been a number of success stories, including 3000% increase in social interaction over the period our Twitter Wall solution was installed, and a mix of our social media management and Twitter Wall at events leading to the event hashtag trending in both London and the United Arab Emirates – something that would usually cost a very large amount of money!

Our solution is completely tailored to you; it can be branded with yours or a sponsors’ logo and use a specific hashtag(s) that you pick. We can also link it to Instagram and your Facebook page if you want to pull in content from there too. It’s also completely worry-free, we can supply the Twitter Wall, monitor the content and even bring the tech if you need to find screens for it.

Who we have worked for:

We have worked with events such as The London Job Show, MK Job Show, Brand Us Social London and Brand Us Social Dubai, as well as hotels and bars such as DoubleTree by Hilton.

Having a Twitter Wall at your next event or conference may be the perfect way for you to gain more interaction, and in turn happier customers and increase ROI. Speak to us by getting in touch below and we’ll happily send you some more detailed information!